About Us

We began as an action group in early 2020, with our focus being; to raise awareness of the current re-zoning of Residential to Commercial that is in the process, affecting a large number of Residents and Property Investors of Port Hedland.
This is a very complex and comprehensive matter that has lacked major communication to the Residents and Owners which will cost families significantly. We have created this movement to draw attention to the lack of communication and fight for FAIR compensation.

This is not only impacting families financially, but also and more importantly their health and well-being...

We began as an action group in 2001, our focus was to help community-centric ideas get momentum, we rallied support to save the Gratwick Swimming Pool and were trying to address other inequities with a public interest.

The Port Hedland Community Progress Association Inc was officially formed on 7 September 2006. We are made up of a small group of stakeholders in our town, who wish to see a better Port Hedland for all. Our purpose is to align with Community, Government, Industry and other groups and bodies to promote and progress the community and towns throughout the area of Port Hedland.

The PHCPA acts as a vehicle to encourage idea sharing throughout the community and explore relevant issues in the town, and create pathways that will progress ideas to reality. It is open to anyone who wishes to see progress in Port Hedland.

How we work;

  • linking unrelated groups with a common goal or project to achieve the desired outcome
  • Sharing information with different sectors to understand consequences decision making
  • lobbying relevant Government Departments
  • lodging submissions on behalf of individuals and groups
  • identifying funding opportunities for relevant projects
  • being an independent voice to industry
  • liaising with all levels of Government, Industry and community
  • encouraging and guiding “Local Action Groups”
  • The Port Hedland Community Progress Association represents the community on any projects that Progress Port Hedland
  • Panorama Project Consultation

Our Polluted Pilbara, together with the PHCPA are encouraging all Australian's to stand together and support our cause for the Safety of Residents and Future of the Town of Port Hedland. We are encouraging idea sharing throughout our community to further explore relevant issues throughout the town and create pathways for a better Future.

We are stronger together and believe that it should be People before Profits.. Help us, help you by donating today! Click here to donate.

Join us: Are you interested in joining our PHCPA committee? Simply complete our Membership Application Form and submit your application.

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