Our Polluted Pilbara

Fighting for Clean Air for a Sustainable Future

& a Fair and Reasonable Buy-Back


Our Polluted Pilbara

Urging all Western Australians to get behind OPP by supporting their Go Fund Me page.

This isn’t just an issue for the residents of Port Hedland.
“It’s about hard-working families who have had their health and their financial future damaged by wanting to live and work in regional Western Australia,”

Port Hedland community need to know these facts:

  • In 2017 the State Government confirmed it would not allow any further residential development in the West End. It will look to cap and possibly reduce the number of permanent residents in the dust-affected area. The owners of privately held residential land in the town of Port Hedland have suffered serious health issues, financial hardship and psychological stresses.
  • Dust pollution from the Port Hedland iron ore port is so severe the State Government has proposed a scheme to voluntarily buy-back properties from affected residents and homeowners. The community ask that this scheme be Fair & Reasonable to all those effected.
  • Owners and Investors have had ongoing Maintenance Issues with the dust falling on properties ie Apartment buildings, houses, units etc.. and this dust has led to damaging of balconies, roofs, door frames, window seals, walls, servicing of air conditioners every 4-6 months costing many $$$ to continually repair or replace.
  • Many owners who purchased from 2012, may or may not have realised that Land owners have restrictive impediments and health warnings over their land. Whilst at the same time the Town of Port Hedland (ToPH) and the State Government were urging people to buy properties in the West End.
  • The purpose of the Environmental assessments is to protect the environment and quality of life of the people.
  • Our Polluted Pilbara group wants a long-term, Clean-air sustainable future for the Port, its users, and the Pilbara community.

What is a Special Control Area?

A Special Control Area (SCA) is designed to minimise the impact of certain environmental factors on surrounding communities. SCAs often apply near airports, for example, where special controls must be put in place to reduce exposure to aircraft noise. Another example is where an area might be prone to occasional flooding and special controls must be put in place to limit the impact of inundation.

A SCA may affect a range of planning elements, such as: setbacks, design and construction materials, or notification on title of potential for impacts. It may also require development proposals to be referred to relevant government agencies for comment.

The Town of Port Hedland Local Planning Scheme No. 5 would need to be changed to reflect the new SCA. This is known as a scheme amendment.

PLEASE VISIT THE WAPC link and Strongly Oppose the planning scheme.


The PHCPA acts as a vehicle to encourage idea sharing throughout the community and explore relevant issues in the town, and create pathways that will progress ideas to reality. It is open to anyone who wishes to see progress in Port Hedland.

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Our Focus

  • To encourage idea sharing and progress smart ideas to reality by linking groups with common goals or projects.
  • Explore issues for our town - Stop: Look: Listen: then Take Action, being a catalyst for change and shed light on community needs to be addressed by development.
  • To link government, private and industry sectors .
  • Be an information base.
  • Lobby Government Departments.
  • Be an independent voice to Industry.
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