"To promote the sustainable social and economic development of Port Hedland and advocate for improved community facilities and services."


Australia is at a crossroads for its future

Investment, resources businesses and jobs are increasingly moving offshore because we’re losing our global competitiveness. We’re losing our freight advantage that has protected Australia for decades and we’re becoming too expensive with rising taxes etc., which all undermine our competitiveness and ability to sell to China and other Asian markets. If Australia can’t be competitive, China and other Asian countries will buy from other countries.

We've got the natural resources, but not the vision.

ANDEV are the people and the businesses of Australia demanding more from our government to welcome investment, lessen Government risks for projects and enable the successful future of our country for our children and grandchildren. Visit the ANDEV website and read more.


Message from Jan Ford, PHCPA Vice President

I've joined the ANDEV membership and the Port Hedland Community Progress Association supports their vision and strategy.

"The purpose of ANDEV is to influence federal and state governments and other interested parties to secure the lowest possible tax rates for the remote north of Australia, and to create a range of practical incentives to achieve investment and attract and retain a competent sufficient workforce."

I share the concerns of other ANDEV industry members in the future of Australia for my children and grandchildren. The PHCPA supports the call for economic tax reforms, policies that welcome and attract investment and growth and the creation of attractive cities in the North West. Cities that attract people and support new and diversified and existing business for the long term.




This information was sourced from the ANDEV website www.andev-project.org


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