Redbank Growers Market

The PHCPA has an idea to develop land at Redbank into a thriving grower's market, with market gardens being the hub and potential around 'a slow town' food movement with both local and tourism potential.

The overarching concept to to marry local industry, small business and lifestyle opportunity. 

Allied Residential Developments have helped us and developed this idea into a concept plan to visualise how such a development could look and what sort of small businesses would be desirable to complement a growers market. Some of these included; an international foodcourt, a boutique butchery, an organic cafe, a local food providore, a green grocer, bakery and a fish monger.

It was envisaged the area would combine horticulture and local retail within an attractive combination of parks with children's and adult's leisure areas. An entertainment area could support an annual Pilbara festival.


Stage One: Is to pull together investment and other project partners and secure land release.


Click here to view our concept drawing.


Please contact us if you have an interest in this project.






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