Our Projects

are about Port Hedland - a Sustainable City

We invite your interest and involvement. Take a look at our recent and upcoming projects and contact us if you would like to be involved.

One of our key focus areas is lobbying for LAND RELEASE. This is vital, to ensure projects for our economic and community development have access to required land resources. 

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Clean Air and a Port Hedland Improvement Levy.

Our current campaign includes the Pilbara Aborigional Corporation of Traditional Owners

(PACTO) plus the Port Hedland Ratepayers Assoc (PTRA) in which the Traditional owners and the

Port Hedland Community want us to lobby State Parliment to bring about a $1.00 per Tonne export levy on Iron Ore to help rebuild our town and grow the Pilbara.

A petition to the Legislative Council has been forward for lodgement.

Our Facebook page is carrying up to date news and events 

Simply type in....   Growporthedland.





Photo credit: Images courtesy of Leanne Anderson.


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