To the Port Hedland Community Progress Association. Thank you for visiting, you can utilise this site to keep up to date with development projects we're involved with to help Port Hedland grow. You can discover development opportunities and link up with vital projects for community betterment.

If you share a vision for a faster-growing town with diverse industry, thriving communities, improved services and future-proofed direction, we invite you to join and support us.

Get involved so you can share your dreams, ideas and resources. 

Whether you'd like to explore industrial, intrastructure, big or small business opportunities and community focused expansion directives for our town, we can link you to appropriate individuals and organisations related to your project.


Our Focus

  • To encourage idea sharing and progress smart ideas to reality by linking groups with common goals or projects.  
  • Explore issues for our town - Stop: Look: Listen: then Take Action, being a catalyst for change and shed light on community needs to be addressed by development.
  • To link government, private and industry sectors .
  • Be an information base. 
  • Lobby Government Departments.
  • Be an independent voice to Industry.


Our 2025 Vision

  • A population of 40,000 people.
  • 30,000 houses.
  • 10 major industries.
  • 100 different products manufactured.


Photo credits (top to bottom, clockwise) Photo 1 Courtesy of Department of Housing’s South Hedland New Living Project; Photo 2 Courtesy of Leanne Anderson; Photo 3 Courtesy of Leanne Anderson; Photo 4 Courtesy of Town of Port Hedland and BHP Billiton Iron Ore; Photo 5 Courtesy of Town of Port Hedland and BHP Billiton Iron Ore.  



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"To promote the sustainable social and economic development of Port Hedland and advocate for improved community facilities and services."